Ghar ka khana

Are any of you obsessed with ghar ka khana, I mean I know everyone loves it, but I think I go over board by packing as much food from home as I can for every vacation. Everyone including Ims feel I tire myself but I somehow get all the energy in the world to cook variety of food to indulge on the trip.

We have been going on tours almost every month after coming to the US, and I guess I have excelled in the packing department. We haven’t yet had a camping experience and I can’t wait to arrange one.

I love planning right from snacks to drinks to 3 course meals. Rice usually doesn’t stay long but lemon rice, khichdi or pulao are great for trips. Then the rotis can get soggy but parathas or pooris are apt. Water based curries are not a good idea while fries cooked in more oil remain yummy. Liquids are an important part of road trips, remember to carry water cans, I also take lime juice and buttermilk. And then comes the inevitable part, snacks to munch on.

I’ll soon list down for my own benefit and others on what all to stuff into the backpacks for road trips. Do share any tips from your side.

P.S. It is not that we don’t like to eat out, in fact we love experimenting different cuisines.


40 thoughts on “Ghar ka khana

  1. Yes..yes.. totally obsessed with ghar ka khana.. after one or two meals outside we automatically crave for home made food..
    although after returning from India the ghar ka khana meaning has changed for me, I consider Mum’s cooked food only as ghar ka khana!! šŸ˜¦

  2. You are one bundle of energy! Sigh, I used to do all that, now I cannot be bothered šŸ˜› Whatever I find on the way is fine. But if nothing can be found, then of course i get down to it.

  3. You could take along sukha dal ki sabzi made out of tur dal.. It stays long.. Also, jam and bread is a life-saver if you like them..

  4. you can have bread upma and poha too, if you are a lover of tamarind rice, then it will help you really good, plus my suggestion will be less oil will always help, as too much of oil is not that good for travel, though at times body goes beyond your hold.. if you love idlies then you can have with spicy chutney for breakfast and rotis for night as they long last for a day or two…

  5. wow you have soem energy to cook so much ! I hate cooking
    I prefer Ghar ka khana every day coz I like having fresh home cooked meals !
    . But for vacations I live on the local cuisine

  6. Awesome! When I travel with the kids I do carry a litttle bit of faves to tide over emergencies, but when I am alone, I don’t carry anything more than mints šŸ™‚ But I see your point. In the US, many times veg food becomes an issue. Carrying home made food also helps you continue your journey without the pain of looking for a place to eat.

    Have you tried bread-upma? And sabudana khichdi?

  7. I am OCD about home made food…That was good “trip management 101” – And bliss awaits you in the camping department. I have been an avid camper for a long time now:-)) – PS – tummy craving for pulao now :-))

  8. I love ghar ka khana but I hate cold food. And, usually on trips, there is no way of heating food. So, I much prefer eating out. Camping is different, since we are equipped with stoves etc there!

  9. Waah ji Waah. For some obvious health reasons I am unable to cook everyday and I was craving for ghar ka khaana last evening. So i washed the veggies, but could not chopr and had no energy left for cookinh. Had to our from restaurant again šŸ˜¦ I wish u were my friendly neighbor! Looking forward to ur list of road trips waala khaana!

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