BlogAdda – Gillette Contest

I wish I had opted for my hair removal‘, wondered A when her husband M came home with a surprise vacation plan for them. M went on explaining about the awesome deal he got, the gorgeous location which seemed like a perfect weekend getaway. But poor A was busy thinking of her personal arrangements for the trip, she could not get as excited as M because of her missed salon appointment.

They began with all the packing stuff to leave early next morning. A’s imagination went to the extent of dreaming about an embarrassed and failed outing. And then her eyes lit up seeing the Gillette razor peeping from the bottom shelf.


It took away all her woes and M was surprised at her sudden over enthusiasm.
Later in the evening, A smiled to herself while relaxing at the lake side thinking of the silly troubles she went through the previous night, which vanished thanks to the Gillette Satin care.


This post is a part of the Gillette Satin Care contest in association with


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