Good news

If you are my Mom or my Aunt in disguise, No, we are not expecting. 😈

So our visa got approved for 3 whole years finally and we claimed our Driving license just in time, else it would have expired in 3 days. And we were in ‘laa lala lala‘ mood, went down to check on our dear car and guess what happened, the battery died and it would not start. Ims’ friend said he would come next day to jump start the car.

We woke up early next day, I cleaned the house, prepared elaborate lunch all before 12 on a Saturday 😮 But the friend was in a hurry and he saw some sparks while trying to jumpstart it and got scared. So left early.

Then we called the insurance guys and they came in just 30 minutes and it was done. We just drove around for sometime and spent the rest of the day hogging on all the food. Later, I tried making ‘cinnamon flavored apple crumble with vanilla sauce’ which I guess was not bad, but I did not like the mushy apples and all.

Here is a pic of it. Look at that grainy sauce 😕


Ims’ manager Karl called up in the night and was discussing all the pending work and asking for some mails to be sent, reports to be made, and what not, then in the end he asked ‘so when is the meeting tomorrow’, and I guess he realized it was a Saturday and not a Sunday night as he thought, and got so embarrassed. Ims was laughing uncontrollably and he was like ‘Why din’t you tell me ? You made fun of me, you are laughing at me, I’ll kill you, Forget all that, Enjoy the weekend’, and generated more laughter. Poor guy. 😆


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