Happy new year

Firstly happy happy new year to everyone. 🙂

We could not go out anywhere for a vacation but no worries, we welcomed the new year with lots of new hopes and new dreams. I always have had some or the other plans in my mind for my future, but I remember a thought I read long back that ‘Life is what happens when you are busy making other plans’. I realize how true it is, I was talking to an old friend today and we spent an hour reminiscing old times, spoke of how we have matured and have different priorities now.

Anyway, I don’t want to regret not living in the present anymore.

Last year had been great to me, I came to the US of A, traveled a lot, spent quality time with Ims, and also grew a tad wiser, or so I believe.

On other note, I don’t believe it has been 2 years of my marriage already. It was our anniversary on the second day of the new year. We went out for lunch to a Persian restaurant, it was our first, and we loved it. Everything was so traditional and tasted different and great. We ordered a combo of Saffron rice with lamb, chicken and salmon kebabs with persian tea and yogurt drink. And ended the meal with their popular desserts Baklava and Bastani, a persian icecream with pistachios. We also liked the environment, the decorations and the music. And you know what, they even have a Belly dance program on weekends, which we missed. 😛




Then we came home and did a little photo session. 😉



9 thoughts on “Happy new year

  1. Happy new year and happy anniversary to you both..
    The food looks awesome..

    And photo session. . But hey who took the pics..

    Here’s wishing you both all the best always.. may all youth dreams and wishes cone true ..

  2. Hey, we used to frequent a Persian restaurant and were always present for the belly dancing since we happened to be there during the weekend. Those were fun 😛 Don’t miss. And Happy Anniversary to you.

  3. Jazz- Happy new year and happy anniversary to you both :).. Always wanted to try Baklava..How is it? Have seen George go gaga over it in Masterchef Australia..Have been wanting to eat it since then!

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