End of humanity

One of my cousins says it is not the end of the world that is approaching; it is the end of humanity. Unfortunately, seems quite true. I read in disbelief what the 23 year old girl went through on that fateful night. How barbaric can people get?! I’m too shocked for words. 😦

I don’t want to compare the monsters to the poor animals. I wonder what kind of environment they grew up in. The fearlessness in their minds is sickening.

I hope we make a better tomorrow by teaching our kids (BOYS & GIRLS) better values today. Even a small remark in support of a boy child’s misdeed saddens me. I fear what ignoring such things, will give rise to later.

No country is crime-free, but how pathetic are the rules in India. Isn’t it common sense that only severe punishments can help curb such wrongdoings? 😐

I pray the girl gets well soon and leads a healthy life. And I also salute all the people protesting against this in every possible way, may justice prevail.


11 thoughts on “End of humanity

  1. no way! Human rights will jump like a big jumbo if we give a big punishment to the criminals!!!!! I never know where these people will run if a victim is being assaulted. I wish these stupids must be castrated and must be beaten to death!!!!!! shameless guys!!!!!!!! I wish Saudi Arabian king and his rule must come in.

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