The IndiBlogger Sunsilk Straight Hair Experiment

Have you ever experimented real crazy stuff on your hair. It was during my college days when people started getting obsessed with straight hair, it is a different story that I loathe it now. I have naturally wavy hair and even I wished I had straight hair like the actresses on TV, where it flew in the air without getting all frizzy. And I simply loved the locks of hair falling unintentionally over the face and how the ladies brush it away as if they don’t like it.

And guess what solution I found sitting at home one fine day. I cut my wavy-curly hair on the front imagining straight hair would regrow, how dumb I was. Firstly the hair took insane amount of time to regrow and guess what, I still have a small space in the center where it looks like I have no hair there. Damn! That has to be the stupidest experiment I ever tried.

But God has been kind to me, I have long wavy hair back now which I’m simply loving every moment. A simple routine when followed religiously helps maintain hair in the long run instead of too many experiments. 🙂

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8 thoughts on “The IndiBlogger Sunsilk Straight Hair Experiment

    • Lol. You know Biks there is this ‘shave or crave’ contest by BlogAdda going on now, and I’m wondering what to write on it.

      It is about how women can drop hints to men so they shave. 😀

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