Leftover Biryani

is probably the best start to any morning. There is no thinking of what to cook, and it feels like I’m all set for the day. Anyway, it was Ox’s birthday yesterday and I was so excited being with him on his birthday. I gifted him an amazon gift card I earned by completing surveys online in my free time which he loved. Then I attempted to make a full cake for him which tired the hell out of me, and I requested Ox to wake me up by 12 for the cake cutting session and dozed off. 😀

I don’t know why I had this great vision of something similar to a bakery cake, all soft and fluffy, but the outcome was fine (not bad). I next targeted Chicken burritos and salad to pack for his lunch as he loves Mexican food. It was good, but I could not assemble all of it, just randomly stuffed them. 😛

cake 1

cake 2

Ended the day with an Indian dinner which is my forte, and I was finally glad. I made the tried and tested Mutton Biryani, Dalcha, Raitha, Bread Halwa and round Samosas. Yumm !! And I had no patience left to click good pics, so you will have to settle with this one. 🙂


In other news, we went for grocery shopping and I took time to dress well with makeup and all after a long time. Ox was surprised and asked me if I knew where we were going. lol. Today has been a cold lazy day. I can’t wait for Christmas and New year shopping.


17 thoughts on “Leftover Biryani

  1. food is as usually yummmmmmmmmm 🙂 cant take my eyes out of it :O Ox is lucky 🙂 To eat tummy full 🙂 🙂 Cake has come good 🙂 🙂 🙂 you look good 🙂 🙂

  2. Oh my! Look at you!! Pretty pretty!:)
    And you made all this in one day, eh? Hat off to you..Ox couldn’t have asked for a better gift. :)You’re amazing..

  3. I came for biryani and got the CAKE also yummmy .. many many happy returns of the day to OX .. happy birthdayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

    i am drooling now

    and you look great in the pic , I think first time i seen ur pic 🙂

    ok now you got to tell us how u made that mutton briyani toooo 🙂

  4. awesome . Even if the pic is not clear its just yummylicious
    Jai ho 😀 indian food always
    Ur cake attempt also doesnt seem bad!! seems u had hell lot of fun
    Keep rocking and tempting us with ur cuisines

    I still have to learn how to cook biryani 😦 Its always imran who is the master chef

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