Thanksgiving Haul

The whole of last week has been spent online watching various deals. Ox was busy watching when his dear DSLR’s price would drop and it did, finally got a great deal for the Canon Rebel T3i, and ordered it on Black friday at 1 AM. 😛 We are yet to receive the stuff we bought but I’m impatient and will post their store images for you.

On the other hand, I was on the lookout for some branded apparel this time instead of the usual clothing we get. I now know why Ox prefers spending more on brands because they really make one feel good and last real long. Anyway, I was overjoyed when the stores announced free shipping over the weekend and immediately bought some. 😉

Phew, I simply loved all of them and can’t wait to get them in hand. We also bought other household appliances, but the shopping still hasn’t ended, we have a list of gifts to buy for our families and are eager for the Christmas/New year offers now. 🙂


9 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Haul

  1. Although I woke up late to ‘thanksgiving’ and ‘Black Friday’ online deals, I have my heart set on Canon 60D DSLR. I did contemplate the 600D and a few have recommended a more professional camera – but I’m kinda happy to get the 60D. I could always sell it and and go for a more pro camera.

  2. Nice one , I too bought myself a canon 550D , Not sure if its the right one for me but so far I am struggling to know all the things it has , so hey maybe you can teach me some tricks when you get your’s 🙂

    you bought all that WOW… so hey hey hey the camera can come handy , it can be tested and practised upon as you use the dresses that are in post coming your way 🙂 he he he

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