Hopes and aspirations

When I came to the US leaving my job and friends behind, I was so excited to be with Ims after a gap of 8 long months. I absolutely loved my first foreign trip, the journey, the people, and the beautiful places. But slowly loneliness crept in and I realized I simply cannot stay at home without work. And it will ofcourse be easier to fulfill our dreams with two incomes.

I looked for success stories of people who came on H4 visa and got a H1B, but alas found nothing, which depressed me even further. Meanwhile I diverted my mind to cooking, travelling and doing random stuff online.

Things have been looking better since the past month. I was given a project by a Company to complete in 3 days, which took me back to technical basics and it was fun struggling with work and deadline after a long time. And there are 3 more opportunities which seem promising, of which I have an interview tomorrow.

I am being nervous and excited at the same time these days, hope everything goes well and I land a job soon so I can begin work by next year. I feel it will be one of the best things to happen to me. And as usual, Ims is always by my side whenever I need him. Touchwood.

The below song is playing on my mind these days. I feel like Saif in the beginning of the song, ignore the end part though. And what makes it even special is the background of the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, simply love that I stay nearby. 😉


12 thoughts on “Hopes and aspirations

  1. I can so understand you Jazz.. I have been through the same phase when I came to Sydney, I was at home for whole one year, feeling lonely but after I started working full time, I feel good now.. sometimes I still feel lonely but its better than before..
    Good luck for the interview girl.. I am sure you will get success 🙂 🙂

  2. All the best for those interviews.. chakk deo Phatte..

    I can understand the loneliness gone through it myself and I still do I miss home so very very much .. I can’t tell you..

    Take care of yourself and you live near That place wow… I am on way… he he he he….ok ok ok calm down you don’t need to shift .. ha ha ha ha ha

  3. I have been there..Your position and golden gate bridge..both. 🙂 Seriosuly, I worried too..but now I realize I didnt have to. I was home for more than a year and half because of visa issues…It all goes okay. Dont you worry a bit. Trust Dil 🙂

  4. People who aspire to do great things finally do – I see that aspiration in you. I live in the UK and I have met many people from South Asia who have moved to the UK. I often try helping them in getting on their own feet – sometimes they make a big impact and I love seeing the positive results.

    I know for sure, you will do the same its just time – which generally isn’t on your side.

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