Bakrid Special

We were as usual excited of this festival too. I, for the first time after coming here, attended the mass Eid prayers, which was a different experience and went very well. The Friday prayers happen in the mosque but this was at a hotel because of the crowd. It was freezing early morning but the excitement made me wake up early, prepared yummy breakfast and since our driving license has expired till our visa extension, we walked in the cold to catch a bus at 8. There were many afghani people, and their dressing caught my eye, which was really unique and nice, literally like we see and hear on tv or books.

Anyway, we returned by 11, and started making preparations for the Biryani, which came out well, and that too with little help from Ox this time. I think my strength is that I don’t stir much and let it lie, thus not breaking the rice. πŸ˜‰ And the rest of the day was spent in just hogging food, watching movies and chilling at home.

One bad news is while returning, we ran to catch a bus and in the process, I dropped the new iPhone 5. Fortunately we had bought a cover for it just last week which braved the scratches. Poor Ox got so upset. 😦

We went to a mall for some window shopping the next day and guess what I bought. A beautiful black blazer from Forever 21, finally, which I’m loving right now. And we are eagerly waiting for the thanksgiving shopping fest in the coming months. Hope we get the license by then.

Now for the menu. When we went for meat shopping the previous day, we found fresh goat liver and kidney which I immediately bought because we find it very rarely here. So breakfast was the liver kidney curry, pooris and ofcourse the delicious Sheer Khurma. And lunch and dinner was the traditional mutton biryani, handi chicken, dalcha (a kind of dal mixed with vegetables, tamarind and also some meat, popular at Ox’s place in Andhra, which I love but never get right) and raitha. In all the hurry, I could not click great pics, so here are few which I managed. And I wish we had some guests too. πŸ™‚


20 thoughts on “Bakrid Special

    • Thank you very much Biks. I learnt making all that stuff from my MIL. They have a standard simple recipe for all meat curries, and I found one major difference in their cuisine is that they add fresh coconut paste. πŸ™‚

  1. OMG.. look at the pictures of the food girl.. If PK will see these pics he will force me to cook these for him.. he loves Non-veg prepared on festivals!!!
    Blazer from Forever 21!!! wow!! we don’t have forever 21 & H&M here in Oz, I really want to go shopping in these shops 😦

    • Thank you very much TP. Oh PK loves non veg, is it. How I wish we had any guests over. πŸ™‚

      Oh no Forever 21 there uh. But there might be some different shopping outlets na.

  2. You made all that ..hats off to you lady. Its always fun to wake up early and do things which we don’t do regularly. I am glad you did . Is this your first Thanks giving here? I am sure you will enjoy Its an experience of its own.

  3. In my city Bakr Id is celebrated with lot of gaeity and I am still reeling in the celebrations, moreso as we had most of the week off. I too am stuffed on biryani and fish but am not complaining!!

  4. I am a vegetarian,,so i will pass on the delicacies this time..:) kheer looks yummy though,..:)
    I think there is some kind of unknown revolution going against smart phones…Murali’s phone fell down is ending soon..for sure .:)

  5. Belated Eid Mubarak Jazz. The food looks absolutely delicious. I should make sure I don’t let Mint glance here. He’d be mourning and wailing for some good mutton biryani.

    Your blog always leaves me hungry.

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