Day 3 at the Mammoth

This place had compulsory shuttle services which was in a way better as we could relax during travel. We started with a hike to the amazing Devils PostPile national monument which is a natural volcanic formation of basalt, and also saw the natural soda springs (notice the redness underneath due to iron) there. The weather was super hot, so much that we suffered nose bleeding. We gave the Rainbow falls a miss and went further up to a cafe for a fullsome lunch.

Then we went on the scenic Gondola over the Mammoth mountain, and spent some nice time at an elevation of 11,053 feet. There were people cycling all over there which was fun to watch.

Next destination was the Convict lake, which was great. We were tired of rushing here and there till then and chilled for atleast an hour watching the sunset. It was so serene.

Phew! We then rushed to see the Hot Creek Hatchery before it is closed for the day. It was cool watching natural smoking hot blue water springs (notice the smoke). Itseems they provide ideal temperatures for incubation of trout eggs.

Lastly caught the almost setting sun at the Mono lake and ended the day with a lovely dinner at the LakeFront restaurant. I absolutely loved the Tomato Basil soup, must try to recreate it at home.


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