Yosemite Trip

Oxford (the husband) was just back from his Boston Trip and a new long weekend lay ahead. We wanted to laze around on the beaches of Big Sur but decided against it as it is just 3 hours away and we wanted to go on a 5-6 hr away road trip for 4 whole days. And Yosemite it was.

Curry Village is one the best places to stay in Yosemite for a camp like experience in the midst of the forest but as expected it was full, but we got lucky when there was one cancellation for one night. So we booked it immediately BUT there is this hantavirus alert on, and we were skeptical and cancelled it. But got another great booking at Yosemite Lodge very close to one of the waterfalls.

I love packing food and stuff for the trip and my husband loves the detailed planning of the trip. We were all set and started early morning and reached at around 12, headed straight to BridalVeil Falls first where the fall was dried up and we just climbed the rocks to the small pool at the foot of the lake, also encountered the Tunnel View on the way which provided a good view of the magnificent Half Dome. Then we visited the huge Mariposa Grove with lots of redwood trees and hiked almost all the way but were so tired at the end that we had to take a tram back. Thank god for that. There is this huge, supposedly 1800 yr old huge tree named Grizzly giant and many more who have survived what not and still stand tall.

Summer was not such a bad season to visit because we could atleast see almost everything, many places like the beautiful Glacier point are closed for winters. But ofcourse June/July would have been perfect when there is water in the falls.

We chilled at the lovely lodge that evening and I so wanted to see a bear whose warnings were pasted all over the area but no luck. I realized I had mountain sickness and all thanks to Saridon I was fine later.

And that was all for Day 1. To be continued. 🙂


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