Gilroy Garlic Festival

It is one of the largest food festivals of US held annually in Gilroy, California on the last full weekend of July. (Courtesy: Wiki) We had never been to one, and were so excited to be there. And the experience was awesome. It was scorching hot, but we weren’t deterred, we even rested a while before resuming towards the unexplored corners.

It was the 34th year and was attended by supposedly one lakh people. There was garlic, garlic and garlic all the way. We had the famous garlic icecream, garlic fries, garlic chips, prawns in garlic meals, scampi (a prawn soup with lots of garlic and a garlic bread on top which is very delicious, and our favorite), lobster chops, noodles and more.

The second best part (food being the first) was the way it was organized, there were nearly 5000 volunteers, making it very easy for us from the parking to the resting.

And there were lots of samples of food, and other things (we got a lotion and a balm at the Samsung store through lucky draw, seems somebody even won a phone). There were 3 wonderful bands playing and a kids play area and workshop was organized. There was this huge open kitchen, which people thronged while the chefs displayed their culinary skills. Then there was also a contest in the masterchef style. We got some sample garlic and the procedure to grow them at home. There were some rain rooms here and there to escape the heat. There was even some celebrity whom we could not recognize but people lined up to get his autograph on his poster, we just clicked his snap from far.

All in all, we spent around 6 hours at the festival, got so tired, and watched ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ next day, making it a perfect weekend. 🙂


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