Chimney Rock

We had a chemical treatment for the bed bugs going on in our apartment the other day, so had to vacate it for few hours, we decided to go to Point-Reyes, which we had heard so much about. I must say that I’ve never seen as many cows in my life as then. There were different kinds of them, grazing around lazily in the huge dairy farm up there.

We missed seeing the lighthouse as it was closed on that particular day, so we just walked till where we could, and it was just amazing to see pure blue green waves clashing, mother nature at its purest best. It was very foggy and windy, ruining the view of the ocean, but I still loved the trip. Then we went on the chimney rock trail which houses a variety of flowers and beautiful views of sea lions, our bad that it was a wrong season for whale watching, which would have made it much more memorable.

If any of you are nearby San Francisco, I’d recommend this place highly, as it is just about 30 miles away and seems one of the 1000 places to see before you die. 😉


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