My Plants

When I was in Chennai living with my in-laws, I found my MIL to be so fond of few things like cross-stitching and plants. When we were out one day shopping nearby, she saw a small roadside plant wala, got excited and spent a long time bargaining and buying varieties of plants. I was never interested and found it quite amusing. She would decorate the balcony with colorful plants and take care of them well. She told me how in her childhood, they had plants for many vegetables and had them in so much abundance that they had to sell. 😀

There was huge produce at my Dadi‘s village as well, still is, but I never bothered to know more. I came to the US, and the first time I saw the nursery at Costco, I felt like this could be a way to kill some boredom. So I bought a brinjal plant, because it had a nice purple flower and looked good. I watered it daily, gave it sunshine too, but the only flower it had fell. I kept doing it, and in few days I saw 5-7 new buds, I was overjoyed and I continued.

Then we went to the dollar store, and I found small plants for just a dollar there. And I bought a little white flowers plant, and Pancake got me a lovely rose plant for my birthday 2 days back.

When I told my sister about this, she liked the idea too. She says her daughter might get a new hobby and leave her alone if she buys some plants for her. Next on my list is a tomato and a chilli plant, but only after I get some eggplants. 😛


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