So after Lake Tahoe, our next destination was Monterey the next day to meet Pancake’s manager Karl. We were so tired of the previous trip, and woke up late and got ready slowly and just an hour before leaving, we get a call from our host suggesting us not to come, I got so pissed off, and ate 3 of the besan ke laddos I made for him. 😐

Then hubby said lets go visit the place atleast as we had a hotel reservation and also had 2 days time to spend. So off we went, saw so many huge farms on the way, it was hot which is called pleasant here. We first went on the famous 17 Mile Drive on the Pebble Beach, we could not follow the given map and lost our way multiple times. I started to feel sick and left for the hotel.

Karl called us out for dinner, and we had so much fun that I forgot my anger. Early next day we went to the Monterey Bay aquarium and it was just awesome. There were so many areas with instructors letting us touch the fish and explaining about them, the huge aquariums with different types of fish, the amazing history of the seahorses (Did you know male seahorses get pregnant, we saw them too ;)), all the kids were sure having a great time there and so did we.

Then we went to the Lover’s point, had lunch at the garden there and collected shells at the beach. Finally left the place at 4, but not without bulk of strawberries and cherries. 🙂


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