South Tahoe

It all started on thursday evening. Pancake (husband’s new name – I’ve decided I’ll name him something new everytime because I’m not able to zero in on one name) said so what do we do this long weekend, he was hinting on going to Lake Tahoe many times earlier but I wasn’t much interested as I thought it was quite far to drive. I asked him how far is Tahoe and he said 3-4 hours drive, and I was like WHAT?!, and I was thinking that it is atleast 7 hours away. So we thought lets go then, we checked for accomodation there and found very reasonable ones. We even went shopping, and by midnight were all set, food, clothes etc packed, hotel booked, and informed home.

Next day, we started late at around 8. We got really excited seeing the waterfalls, slight snow on the way and also the snow capped mountains far away. We finally reached at 12, could not check in before 3 (I did not like this, all hotels here let us check in at 3 and check out at 11 only), so we went to the private beach behind the hotel (all the hotels had this facility) and had our lunch there. It was really cold, but we were prepared. Then we went to Heavenly Village nearby which is a small entertainment center, the cable car (gondola) that takes us over the mountains was closed due to bad weather and we got so disappointed, so just did some window shopping, clicked pictures and went back to the hotel.

We then drove to a view point from where we could see the Eagle falls, Vikingsholm, and Emerald bay, the weather was bad, so the plan to hike down to the lake had to be cancelled again. There was a casino nearby and we wanted to peek in there just to see, but we were so tired and dozed off early.

The weather was better the next day and we were eagerly waiting to go up the mountains, which started at only 10. And we finally went in the cable car, I was little scared but it goes so slow that you don’t bother. The view of the lake from up there is simply stunning, there was also a huge cosy restaurant up there, and ofcourse the snow, we had so much fun.

Then we went to a beach but unfortunately all the activites were closed, and fortunately there was a cruise trip in the afternoon. It was beautiful.

And we finally bid adieu to the beautiful place by spotting a rainbow. Yayy !!! These last minute trips are really fun. 🙂


6 thoughts on “South Tahoe

  1. Good post!! i too went to nainital on the fly am glad I bumped in to ur blog bt as its word press commenting gets tough. ANyway NJOY! delete the prev comment.. There wer spelling mistakes 😛

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