I wonder how some people write almost a page but on nothing. You get me ?! I mean, I have read some posts which are so lengthy but when I’m done reading them, there is no material, or they have mentioned of a very silly incident in detail. I really admire them, you know. What talent to write something on nothing. Sometimes I have so much to write yet do not find words.

I really miss India, you might think I’m saying it because I’m no longer there or I have realised its worth after leaving it, but I think India is a beautiful country. I agree I was bored there too, but I even had lots of ways to pass time. In US, even time pass is expensive. I have a long list of to-do things once I get back.

I started watching pakistani drama shows the other day, they do not have never ending serials like us, that is the only good part, but they are so boring. My problem is that once I start watching/reading some story, however bad it is, I cannot leave it midway. So I somehow complete it. I also watched a super stupid movie, which was a remake of “Pretty Woman”, I’m sorry I cannot tell you the name of the movie, because I’m sure you’ll be convinced I have gone nuts then.

I got this wonderful set of earrings for just 6$ at Walmart. I was so eagerly searching for it. I love junk jewellery.

I’ll leave you all with a simple recipe which I tried the other day, Arbi Fry, it is so easy to make, I never knew this vegetable could taste good.


3 thoughts on “Clueless

  1. I write long posts on nothing. 😦 I try hard to cut down my word count, but I am not a woman of few words. I envy people who can express themselves coherently, yet concisely.

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