Of Satyamev, Berryessa and VC

Isn’t this the first thing on my mind to write about. Like everybody, even I was eager to see what Aamir’s show is all about. When I saw the set, I knew it was of real people and real stories, just wished they were good. When he tells all greatness of mothers and says ‘Lets see how this mother is being treated’, I was convinced it was of an old couple who’s kid threw them out or some story like that, but my my..

I was so pleasantly surprised at the whole show, needless to say loved it to bits, the research clearly shows, the way the show is divided into segments was awesome, you guys have all my support. It surely touched hearts, no critic review was appreciated, I’m yet to see any support for the few negative points floating across. I read somewhere the next episode is going to be on Gay/Lesbian issues, I’d love to watch this one if it is.

The 1.5 hours just went by and me and Imli were actually discussing about it.

The latter part of Sunday, we planned to go out for shopping and a long drive. Yeah, we bought a second hand car few weeks ago. The climate is too hot here, we packed us some food and set out. We shopped at Vacaville premium outlets, and set out to Lake Berryessa. The drive there through Napa County was great, the beautiful lake and the dam, the forest routes, the wine yards. Next on our list is Angels Island and Alcatraz.

I love watching the TMKOC show, and also the famous Doctor VC reviews, that guy is so funny.

I don’t know what to do of my job, definitely cannot quit and my 3 month leave is coming to an end soon too. I’m planning to take up some certifications to improve my skillset and also ask for a leave extension. Hope everything goes as planned.

P.S: Imli is husband dear. I plan to call him Imli on my blog hence forth.


4 thoughts on “Of Satyamev, Berryessa and VC

  1. Yeah a good show and hopefully people might wake up seeing thes all .. I think the next issue is on Rape and all but the show promises ot bring a new issue every time.

    All the best with what ever you are planning .. take care
    and imli is a good name , I hope he is happy with it …


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