Mutton masala

We went to Guadalajara the other weekend, my first at some mexican food, IM likes it a lot, our next try is Italian food. Then we did lots of shopping, and I’m still not satisfied. 😛

I made Mutter pulao and Mutton masala for lunch for IM and his friend Karl, who just loves spicy Indian food, and he liked it a lot, so this recipe is for him.

Green Chillies

Ginger Garlic paste
Coconut paste

Turmeric Powder
Chilli powder

Garam Masala powder
Pepper powder
Coriander leaves

1. Pressure cook mutton, cut onions and green chillies with little water and turmeric powder for about 10 whistles.

2. Fry ginger garlic paste and then coconut paste in oil and add the mutton.

3. Now add garam masala powder, chilli powder, and salt.

4. Mix well, add some more water and cook till the meat is tender and dry.

5. Sprinkle some pepper powder and garnish with coriander leaves.

Wow, just 5 steps ?!.. Hope you all like it. 🙂


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