Hello All, I know it has been long.. I did have lots of time, but could not get myself to sit and actually compose something for my dear blog. Ok firstly, I’m in the US of A now. Yep! Came here last month, settling down now. I like the place, it took me sometime to get used to moving around but hopefully all is fine now. We went around shopping and also sight-seeing San Francisco, my my, what a place, loved it.

Bhavia awarded and tagged me here. Thank you so much. But now I have to describe myself in a word or two in all of the alphabets, phew! the price one has to pay for being awarded. πŸ˜›

So here I go.

A – Anonymous (That is what I try to be on my blog.)
B – Blogger (One day I’ll be one.)
C – Creative
D – Dancer (Thoda bahut dance hum bhi karlete hain.)
E – Enthusiastic (Yea, about silly things sometimes.)
F – Food Lover (Any kind will do.)
G – Gossip Queen (Just healthy gossip ok.)
H – Heroine
I – Idiot
J – Jealous
K – Keen
L – Lazy
M – Married (Hehe.)
N – Normal
O – Optimist (A hopeless one at that.)
P – Pleasant
Q – Questionaire (My friends sometimes tell me ke stop asking Kyun now)
R – Radiant
S – Social
T – Tall
U – Unique
V – Vivacious
W – Witty
X – X ?! I seriously don’t know.
Y – Young
Z – Zany

Now, that was tough.


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