And I’m back !!

Firstly a very very happy new year to all my blog buddies.

Ok fine, I’m sorry for being away for so long. I simply did not have a laptop with me for longer times to sit and write on. Ok that was a lame excuse, I still do not have one. Ok forget it na. I have got loads of news as compensation. The best one is that I earned more than $400 as an affiliate on Flipkart, I could not believe it and was immensely happy. 😉

Then my visa process was going on, we faced so many setbacks, and I wanted to next update my blog from only US. But see, I could not wait any longer and here I am. And oh, the visa, that will still take 4-8 weeks. 😐

I won TWO blog awards, can you believe it ?!! One was from Bikram, and the other from Zaira. Thank you so much. 🙂

For the second award, I have to write a list of blogs which are my favorites. Hmm.. I follow many blogs but there are few which I first logon to to check updates. And they are

1. R’s Mom
2. Pepper
3. Zaira
4. Monika
5. IHM

There is this nice forum called Indus Ladies which helped me pass my time in office all this while. I spent hours reading through it. And ofcourse books, I read a whole lot of them, thanks to the new BookWorms club in our office. Also started book reviewing as you can see, will try to better myself.

Sayonara for now friends, you have a great weekend. 🙂


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