A long hiatus

And just when R’s mom moved to wordpress, my office has blocked every other personal page and shopping site I knew of. I hope that explains my absence, I am yet to get used to come home, and allot sometime for blogs. Earlier I would take a break and read the updates in the blog world at office, can’t do that anymore. And I miss it so much.

First, I was on a 10 day vacation during Ramzan, and as expected had lots of fun at home. And the next weekend again had to travel for some ceremony at IM’s place. I hope I’ll get some rest this weekend and I can follow the posts I missed in 3 weeks. I don’t see any assignment where I can travel soon, so I think I’ll travel to the US on a dependent visa in a few months.

And it is super sunny as usual at Chennai, and super boring in here. I have to get some books to keep me occupied before I go insane.


3 thoughts on “A long hiatus

  1. Hmm…thankfully they haven’t blocked the blog sites at my work place…else it wud have been tough for me. 🙂 Good to see u post after a long time.

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