It’s like so silly

What am I doing ?? Seriously, this is not happening to me.. Ok it is like the heights of boredom. 😦

I bought 2 new books, Few Things left unsaid, and One Week with her. I liked the second one. Then I joined the BookWorm club in my office, and I guess it would be least visited, because it has been 2 weeks that I have expressed interest in a book that was shared, and there is no response yet. Bah! Like I care. Anyway, then I visit every blog I follow atleast twice daily to check if there has been any update. Looks like I’m the most idle person in here now. Do you guys have any cure for laziness ?

I come to office by 10, and keep looking at the clock to strike 12, but I don’t understand something happens to me at 11.30, and I eat the lunch packed, then I go to the canteen with my friends too and look at them while they munch.

The other day, there was this group of people having lunch on a table behind my friend who was opposite to me. Ok ?! picturised it ? So it was like I could see them, and they were like so college guys type. I mean looked all young, shouting and giggling and chatting and having fun all the time, and their clothes looked like they were just out of a fashion show. I turn to my friend beside me and say just look at those freshers, its been more than 3 years we were in that place, and we have now become so experienced and how expectations on us have increased and blah blah blah. Then one of the guys on that table tilts his head and waves at me, and I’m like shocked ((wide eyes)).. What can I say, he was my senior. And I left the place soon to decide again to hit the gym asap.

And then I come back to my desk and doze off, then go to the leisure block here to pass my time, which has CCD, Bowling alley, table tennis, a juice and an icecream shop, a super market, a parlour, a books and gift shop, a doctor, a bank, etc etc.. yeah, the office is quite generous. Then I come back bit poorer each day, and stare at the watch till its 5, and I rush to reach home, as if it is so fun being there. I watch some crap on TV, eat, sleep.. bah! This is life.

Nothing interests me except the books and blogs, not even the paycheck. I think I can sit for hours reading. Ok I do try to study the materials sometimes, because I must clear the pending exams this cycle. Then I also think of all my friends, the nice memories of school and college, training period, roommates, my 24 years of existence, miss everything BUT don’t call anybody, don’t tell them so, do nothing. Like I said in my last post, I just sit whole day and think and think and think about nothing important and everything weird.

Ok I’m not that bad, I do have some plans. Firstly I’m so waiting for Ramzan. Then I have to join the driving school soon, then there would be the shifting thing, bah.. it’s like happening since forever, no, it will happen when it has to, I’m not bothering. And I went home last weekend, my sister and my cute niece are back from US, Inaaya is so sweet and stubborn, she just runs around and dances to Sheila :o.. and whenever my sister is on phone with jiju, she thinks its her nana nani always on phone, and talks some strange things to them. She calls mummy as aunty and papa as uncle.. lol, it will take her time to adjust to this biggg family now, after being with just her parents for 2 years.

Sometimes I feel.. Ok frankly I typed till here, and went on a break, and when I was back, I forgot what I was feeling then. Lets wait till the idea strikes me again. Bye till then.

Life can be tough. 😐


2 thoughts on “It’s like so silly

  1. U really seem to be bored in life…just wondering how is it possible to be so bored at the age of 24! I hope its a phase a passes away soon. Take care.

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