This and That

Many things to update you on, visited the in-laws last weekend, there was some function for the new born, it went well, had yummy biryani too. Celebrated my birthday on the 13th, the new dress I bought did not fit me, I guess IM is right afterall 😐 and we had a small cake cutting with my team here in office, and IM and me set out in the evening to get me a pair of gold earrings in the new mall nearby, but it disappointed us as it did not have good collections, so we just had dinner at The Dhaba nearby and returned, and I was so sleepy on our way back, I dozed off immediately on reaching.

Then I’ll be released from my current project this friday. Me and my other friends on bench registered for the Yoga classes being conducted in the campus finally. There was an update on IM’s visa asking for some documents to be submitted, we are hoping it’ll come soon. We roamed around on tuesday trying to get the marriage registration certificate here. And I read a book ‘Journey to Nowhere’, and there were many grammatical mistakes which put me off. And yea., I downloaded some not so old movies I wanted to watch like HumTum, Dasvidaniya etc., we watched HumTum last night, I simply love this movie.

I did not win the Yahoo Dove Real Beauty contest nor Preeti Shenoy’s bookmarks, not that I deserved, but I believe in luck way too much. And ofcourse, I am so excited I got my IndiRank, proudly displayed it on the right. 😉 And we don’t have a camera with us now, nah., not even a camera phone, so pics on this blog will have to wait.


15 thoughts on “This and That

  1. First of all a very happy birthday to you.
    never mind about the dress and food at a dhaba now that nice ..

    dont worry you not the only one who did not win , neither did I 🙂

  2. Thank you.. oh u participated too ?! It was my first contest, so I’m fine, but I plan to participate in almost all of them. 😛

  3. hey happy bday pal… am late to wish though.. so did u try the cake? cud have tried for ur bday na? nyways, happy bday once again… and gud luck on the yoga classes

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  5. Belated wishes :-D!!!!!

    I liked Hum Tum too especially the songs….I knw this is nothing connected but have u watched ‘Stanley ka Dabba’…really cute movie

    • Thanqqq… Nope, haven’t watched the movie, saw the promos, liked them, I think Ill watch it sometime soon. 🙂

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