June is here

Apart from the climate, everything is smooth here. We bought this dosa batter sometime back from a local shop, and had it for breakfast the next day. At around 10.30, we experienced severe headache and vomiting, we were food poisoned, went home early and are fine now. These days, we play a lot of Snakes&Ladders and Ludo here in our cubicle, it’s so much fun. And yea, I got a cool new haircut done, and read few more novels. I quite liked the name ‘June’ of Shazahn Padamsee’s character in Dil toh bachcha hai ji. Speaking of her, I saw RocketSingh, and thoroughly enjoyed it. I think Ranbir has done a great job, and so has Shimit Amin.

I have joined BlogAdda, and I’ll soon post book reviews for the Book Reviewers Club here. And I’m also excited of crossing the 1K mark of blog hits. I’ll leave you a photo of our new laptop skin until the next post. Isn’t this cool ?!


11 thoughts on “June is here

  1. i told u na.. it was gud but dunno how we fell sick.. it was funny, it happened to both at the same time.. hehe.. im reading another book ‘the promise’ now.. 😉

  2. Hi .. I hope you are doing fine now after that food poisoning incident.. You should have told the people from where you bought it …

    and the laptop skin looks goood ..

    The movies you mentioned have not seen them 😦

      • he he ..he mite read ur blog still 😛

        btw belated bdae wishes..:)..still remember last year when we saw u in spencer with ur SRM college lecturer roomie..shweta is her name i guess 🙂

  3. @Pravien

    Aww Thank you so much.. The best birthdays I had were in 2008 and 2009, will write about them sometime.. This year had me travelling, and left me pretty exhausted.. I seem to be going through some QLC.. 😛

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