The week gone by

We had a crazy time here with my family the last 2 weeks. They had to suffer the heat, as we haven’t got an AC yet. And there was no power for the whole day once. Poor them. The saving grace was we at least had TV, Internet and few books and magz, so they could pass their time, and we would try to make it up by getting them burgers, pizzas, puffs, pastries, cream buns, sandwiches, sweets, chocolates, icecreams, drinks and what not on our way back from office. Needless to say I have gained weight again. 😐
Weekends were eventful though; we did lots and lots of street shopping, picked up some pretty junk jewellery on the TNagar roads, and Mom got her favorite Coimbatore Cotton saris at Nalli too. She fell in love with them, when we were shopping in Chennai last September, and never misses to buy one when she’s here. On other days, we would be busy watching ‘Taarak Mehta ka Ooltah Chashma’ or ‘Mrs. Tendulkar’, they are super funny shows on SAB TV. Finally, all of them gladly retreated to Hyderabad last Sunday away from the scorching sun and back to their not-so-peaceful abode to spend the rest of their Summer Holidays. Awww.. How I miss my School days. If you did not know yet, ours is a big family, and two of my siblings are still in school. We often compare ourselves with the Hum Paanch team, and have a hearty laugh. 🙂
My SIL gave birth to a baby boy last week, and he’s named Ayaaz. We’ll be going there next month to check him out. Well, I’m an official Maami now. And I’m too lazy to cook since everybody left, not that I cooked then, but I hope to resume from tomorrow. Anyways there is still some lip-smacking Chicken Manchurian left in the fridge. 😛 I plan to start a new page listing the tried and tested recipes from my kitchen soon.
I have this very bad habit of reading blogs but not commenting on them. I mostly read them in my spare time here at office, and the blogger comments section is blocked, and that’s the reason I do not comment. But I’ll definitely try to comment from home atleast.


19 thoughts on “The week gone by

  1. Congratulations on ur becoming an aunt:-))!!!!!

    I rarely chk my stats but today i did & found ur link there. Since u mentioned tht comment section is blocked at office I’m not going to give u a hard time;-).

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