I am her friend

Why do people leave? Why can’t we stay together? My another friend S who was introduced to me by V is leaving for higher studies soon. Though we never met, we spoke or chatted almost daily, she was the first person I would look out for when I came online. Whenever she used to leave for some long vacation, I used to miss her little, but was relieved she would be soon back, and now she is going for good.. She is not gonna come back.. She is leaving.. I almost choked when she told me that, we have not known each other for a long time, but she definitely made an impact, I had developed a bonding with her, I chose her when I had to shout out to someone, I chose her when I had to celebrate something.. Somehow the bond grew, somehow I got very comfortable with her.. I am not very expressive but want to say that I am glad I came to know her, and I will miss her.. This post is for her, I wish you happiness and success in whatever you do. Hugs & Take Care!


2 thoughts on “I am her friend

  1. Time is immaterial in Friendship . People who we know for years might remain as an acquaintance forever but we might feel very close to the ones we know for few days.

    Its just that spark,wavelength or watever you want to term it :):)

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