It’s been nearly 2.5 months since marriage, and I have been little busy travelling and visiting everyone, working and trying to manage a home, and to top it, I can’t even afford to take a leave since I’m already on a Loss of Pay, but nevertheless, I am enjoying it, and finally could lose some of the weight I put on among all this, and I’m now back to my proper diet, blog world, and my way of life earlier, as my in-laws left just 2 weeks back. I & I set out one weekend to revamp the house, and it looks nice and colorful now. I’ll post the photos soon. Every day in kitchen is an experiment I make, and it sometimes does come out well. The bachelor days just passed by having whatever tasted fine, but the cooking woes have begun now, but I am so determined, and have been going through so many recipe sites and blogs. I simply love cooking but I am not that good a cook, but I do try my best, and I hope I can be a Master Chef someday.. 😛 (Kidding!) Nothing more to say as of now, than that I am loving it.. And more updates to follow soon.


6 thoughts on “Updates

    • Stupid Guddu….u are calling me brother….
      I have kept ur photo as my desktop image and I have told everybody that u are my x girl friend.

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