Life is what you make it

If you did not know yet, this is the title of the second book of one of my favourite bloggers Preeti Shenoy. I have ordered my copy from Flipkart, and you can order too, simply because it feels good reading what she writes. I really admire her a lot.

While coming to office today morning, I saw a man (he probably delivers cylinders) on his luna waiting at the traffic signal with me. I could not help wonder the meaning of the above context in his case. He, like many others live their whole life for others. I mean they dedicate their life to just get the basic necessities for their families. They hardly have time to sit and think of their own needs or likes. I know this blog would never reach whom it is intended to, but lets not be helpless like most of them. Life is truly what you make it. Lets make a small list of things we would like to do before we breathe our last, and try our best to accomplish it. Lets donate some time for ourselves in this busy world and not regret doing so on our death-bed. Lets jump in the rain, attempt skydiving, write a story, care a damn of what others think of us and do whatever it is we wish to. And I promise myself I would follow it too. 🙂


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