Another weekend

I did it again, yea. I watched Big Boss, Rakhi ka Insaaf, Emotional Attyachar -II last weekend, and Hell, I admit I am a sucker for Drama, and I equally hate to be a part of it. Last Friday, it so happened I was all done and happy with my work for the day and planned to start back to room by 6.45 PM for a good sleep and an equally fun weekend. A sudden call from an unknown number surprised me. Damn! It was my lead calling from Bengaluru, asking me about the action taken on the issue he sent in the morning. I was dumbfounded; I had not even looked into it. Anyways, I had company, others hadn’t too. 😛 And bad I took a bus back that day, and all the way, I was contemplating getting down and running to room, stuck in the terrible traffic.

The lazy Saturday was spent in cleaning and sleeping. And I set off to the station early Sunday to receive my Momma. Yep, my mom is here in Chennai with me for one whole week, woppie!! We had yummy south Indian breakfast at the trademark Saravana Bhavan, and then took a bus to room, reached after a whole 2 hours. My lazy roommates had not cooked lunch yet and were busy doing the cleaning stuff. Finally Mom whipped up something; we had it and slept like dogs. In the evening we went out for some Pizza and Icecream. I am eagerly waiting for the coming long 4-day weekend. We are off shopping. (H)

Mom’s one restless soul. She completely revamped my room, and the heavenly Fish Curry welcomed me to room last evening. Tch, tch… She’s gonna make Chicken Biryani today. 😉 And I strictly asked her not to venture out and take rest today. And I just hope I get my one week leave plan approved for Bakrid. I was watching Pardes the other day, and I realised I so miss those typical SRK movies. We want more from you. Period.

Ok.. more things to follow soon, and till then, bbyee. And a very happy Diwali to all !!


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