Work is worship, they say. I bunked office on monday, and there is so much work piled up. We are 4 people working on this module, and 1 was asked to fly, and he left for Charlotte last weekend. So we remaining 3 worked hard yesterday and came up with fairly good results, and we are being asked to stretch a little this whole week. Good thing is my mom is going to be here soon for 1 whole week, and I am really looking forward to lots of shopping and roaming around the city, and this friday is even salary day. TGIF coming soon. 😉

So I am all set to work harder, and make my coming weeks better. Look, I reached office so early. This weeks gonna be fun with work, work and more work. But I can definitely plan well to read and update blogworld. Jet, set, go.. Motivational comments welcome. 😛


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