Oh, I am such a big foodie, I eat even when I am full and later regret having had so much as I see the weighing scales go up. I really want to lose little more weight, but can’t resist. I vow to eat less in the morning, and by evening I would have had double the calories I loaded myself with the previous day. While I was out for lunch sometime back, the weather was so pleasant, and I so willingly had Chettinad Chicken curry and chapathis, and by the time I leave the foodcourt, it drizzles and I have a yummy caramel flavoured waffle cone with roasted almonds and nuts. 😐

I do not like the Gym, and Aerobics is yet to open in my office. Maybe, this is just an excuse I am making. I am going to ask my friends for company, and as soon as I get one, I will join the gym. A friend said I could have all the yummy food while doing a 30 mins of workout in the gym. If only they had other dance forms than salsa in here. I signed in for salsa for a month, and got bored. I then joined a dance institute near my house for some western shakes, and I quit that too after a month or so. It’s ok, it is fine. There is always a next chance.

And work in this new project is really slow. It’s so boring that I just doze off at my desk while looking at the screen. I haven’t even bought a new novel in so many days. The last one I read was ‘Keep the Change’ by Nirupama Subramanian. It’s about a girl named Damayanthi, of her life in Chennai, and her struggle to stay afloat at her new job in Mumbai, of her dreams etc., a nice fun read. I really enjoy reading these short novels, Tinkle comics and Femina magazines. If only somebody gifted me those. 😛


4 thoughts on “Food

  1. Waah ..itna kuch kha liya tune …bht ache ..and you can have heavy brkfst instead of evening food..
    Nys ki farak penda , we know tht we cant resist ourselves 😉
    so khaye jao.. but parallely we can do some workout ..i think we should do:D.
    am thinking the same way thz days.. koi na …:) will DO !!

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