Yes, I am probably stuck now. After raising a request and reminding them with innumerable calls and mails for shifting my PC to a new location, here it is. I guess they finally got pissed off with me, and sent in a guy to shift it now. The thing is the cubicle where I am going to move to is still not vacated. OMG. Why does this hapen to me, first there are people troubling me to vacate, and me doing the same now. Aarghh! Its all messy just like my new project. No, not completely, but I definitely feel so when I compare it to my last project. 😛

Oh, that was a gem of a project. Btw, I had to be at Bengaluru for around 5 months, for my previous project, and boy! was it fun. I totally enjoyed it there, most of it at the campus. I have got lots to say of that memorable trip, and I believe it would make a lovely new post.

And yea, like many other days, the evening call we have with the Onsite guys has been cancelled for today. Actually we join in at the right time, and nobody has joined from the other end yet, c’mon you could have atleast informed us earlier. Ok whatever, its my turn to prepare dinner today, so I am fine at the end, I can now leave early and hone my cooking skills. 😉

P.S: I would definitely write sometime about my room here.


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