Long Weekend

Being in a software field and away from home, like million others, this is what we really look forward to. While we are happy with a holiday, we feel ecstatic when it falls on a friday or a monday, making it a long weekend. So I am gonna be off for 3 whole days, sleep without an alarm, binge on sumptuous homemade food, watch TV whole day, chit chat with family and simply laze around. No wonder I gain few kilos whenever I am back from home. Mom feeds as though there is no tomorrow, it is the standard 2 half boiled eggs in the morning, followed by poori masala n coffee, n chicken n mutton n fish n prawns, in short 3 days of nonvegetarian food. I vow to join Gym or Aerobics when I come back. I even got a hulahoop for myself, and trust me it is so much fun, it’s like a dance for people with 2 left feet (I am not!). And since I am going home, I have to take with me chocolates, books n more for my siblings.
Train in the evening, got to finish off my work soon, rush to fetch my luggage n speed off to the station.
Happy Dussehra/Navratri/Durga Puja to one and all, have fun ! 🙂


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