Extrovert Loner

Hi Everyone, welcome me to the blogworld. I am Yasmeen, and like every other Software Engineer, am bored quite a number of times, and I best pass my time reading hell lot of news articles and blogs online. Having read so many blogposts, I wondered why not have an own blog and pass my time rather writing about myself. So after negotiating on few proper blog names, here I am with ‘Revelations Galore’, that is, a surprise for me, as I write and also read and appreciate my writing. 😉

An extrovert Loner, that is how I think of myself. I absolutely love reading short novels, blogs, comics, magazines etc. Travelling has also been my passion. I am a dreamer, which you will find reflected in my posts. Right now, I am into a new java project breaking my head for the past few weeks over the code setup, irritated at times, and this blog is a result of it. 😛 But nonetheless, I think its a decent one and I sure am excited and I do hope to post regularly and get good comments.
So let me sit back and work for sometime now, and check in back at a later time then.


10 thoughts on “Extrovert Loner

  1. Hi , I Know you know me very well .
    But i am quite surprised to see you writing blogs .
    I guess thats why your blog name says full of surprises 🙂
    well keep writing .

  2. hello extrovert loner. are you planning to post regularly here? 🙂
    btw, your link to my blog has to be changed from anubimb.com/blog to just anubimb.com – my mistake as I changed the page structure.

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