My baby is 6 months old now, it is true when they say that kids grow too fast.

MIL has left to India and I so miss all the help. Its been a week now and each day is going in a hurry.

Little Ani is going to a home daycare now, we felt horrible on the first day😦 She was fine when we dropped her there, but by end of the day, she was crying😦 I think she was scared with the new environment and new people.

Its been few days and thankfully the situation is much better.

Today morning I was hurrying up as usual, my baby was fussy and roaming around near my legs. I was packing her food and could not give her much attention. She started crying and Ims picked her up. I felt terrible while dropping her to the daycare. I think she is upset with me. I should seriously plan my time better. I need to spend more time with her and less time on house tasks. This is to remind myself again and again incase I get lost in this daily maze of tasks.

Work is going good, I like the team, not the work😛 but I think I can manage fine.

The good part is I’m enjoying seeing Ani grow. The way she learnt to crawl, sit, eat, it is so fascinating. I’m in love with her!


Everyone kept asking me if Ani (Aniya) recognizes me yet, and I really did not know it.

I recently visited a friends place with her, Ims dropped us there on his way to office. It was then that I observed her attachment towards me. Happy momma!

My MIL is here for some months to help us. But I have not landed any project yet, hope everything goes fine on that end.

The little one turned 3 months old. It is really fascinating to watch babies try and learn things.


We got home with Aniya, and it felt easy to take care of her with Mom around. All the cooking was managed by her, also massage and bathing the baby. I took good rest, and felt much better in 2 weeks.

Time passed by quickly and it was time for Mom to leave, I show myself to be strong but I was crying inside, I hope she had a good time on her first visit to the US.

I was so worried how we would handle the baby ourselves, but thankfully it was not so bad. We learnt to bathe her together and adapted to her feed/sleep routine.

Sometimes when she dozes off on top of me, and I hear her small breathing in the silence around, it gives me so much peace.

She started smiling a lot since 3 weeks and it fills my heart with joy whenever she smiles.

I’m planning to join work soon. My MIL is visiting us for 3 months, and we need to think of a Daycare option for Aniya after that, she will be of 6 months then.

There is still time but these daycares have long waiting lists and so we have started our research on them. The ‘mommy guilt’ is killing me each time I think of the day I’ll have to leave her at a daycare.

How do you guys manage to be away from the kids, I could do with some tips please.


Hello People!

I’m so happy to finally pen down the much awaited blog post.

Let me begin from where I left.

So we went to some pregnancy classes just so we are prepared to handle the newborn. Those were really fun, there were other expectant couples, we did exercises together.

Then the last trimester arrived, I prepared for my maternity leave, wrapped up my work, my office mates arranged for a surprise baby shower (but the email was sent to me too by mistake, which they recalled but I had already read it lol). Next my mom arrived and I was so happy to see her after a very long time.

Now the waiting game started, I read and read and read of more delivery experiences, I sometimes dreamed of a quick and easy delivery and then woke up sad. When my Obgyn said if I’m not dilated in another week, she would induce me, I got even scared. I was worried how I would know I should rush to the hospital, how the contractions would feel.

My sister had delivered few weeks before and I was now more than eager.

We did a tour of the delivery ward, packed our labor bags, looked up some names for the baby and were almost prepared to welcome the new member. I did lots of walking every night, and then the day arrived.

My due date was October 28, and I had mild cramps at around 12 in the night the same day, I ignored them but they went on for the next 2 hours that too every 5-10 minutes, then I wondered if these were contractions, ha-ha! This went on till 3AM, my mom asked us to just go to the hospital, but we thought we should go only when the pain intensifies as we were told so in the class. I called the Obgyn and she said we could wait.

And then I bled little bit, and immediately rushed to the hospital with our bags, we got dressed, Ims packed his camera etc. The pain was still bearable, I thought we would be asked to come back.

I changed at the hospital exam room and bled little more this time. The nurse checked me and said “you are 2cm dilated, oh wait.. you are 7cm dilated”. Ims asked her if that means we are staying here now, she said you definitely are. I was so happy I still felt just cramps and not much pains.

Then I walked to the labor room, and suddenly felt intense pain and the need to push. Ims got scared hearing it. The nurses checked me and I was fully dilated, they waited for a doctor. And finally asked me to push, which I did with the contractions. Then I declared I can’t push any longer, everybody told me I was almost there. Then I remembered the movie delivery scenes lol and decided to just push till its done. Then within few minutes the baby was out, at 4.18AM.

It all happened that quick, no time to even get our labor bag out of the car, no time to think of medications, no time to even call our families to update, sigh!

Ims and I had tears in our eyes, it was a beautiful moment. We stayed 2 days at the hospital which I enjoyed fully, ate good Indian food (unexpected!). The nurses were so helpful, we ordered some goodies for them as it was Halloween time, they gifted a pretty little pumpkin hat.

Oh btw, it was a baby girl and we named her ‘Aniya’.:-)


To be continued…

Pregnant updates

  1. Maternity jeans is the best thing to have happened to me during my pregnancy.
  2. I have become so emotional. Recently I was angry on Ims and told him no food for you, he held his stomach and was saying feeling hungry please feed me, and I felt like crying.
  3. Fortunately office has been stress-free lately but I’m not liking few new people at all, they are very unethical.
  4. There is a new guy at work who is such a simpleton just like Suppandi, he calls me Ma’am, and the funny part is he still does not know about my pregnancy though I’m in my last trimester now. I feel proud thinking I haven’t gained much weight but Ims says he might be thinking you are this fat generally.
  5. I’m now trying to remember my friends’ kids names, so many babies around.
  6. Finally my Mom, MIL and FIL got their visas issued but my Dad’s got stuck for additional verification, I’m sad but I’m not giving up.
  7. Right now I’m busy with a lot of things on my mind, most of them not related to work and that makes me happy.
  8. I have also become forgetful, have been making many lists of things-to-do lately.


I was going through my blog and in the past year I literally have had a huge gap of months in between my posts, but it feels so so great to see bloggers remember me.

As you know, people are leaving my current organization left, right and center due to the outsourcing. Recently one of the oldest members of my team left and the team got a huge good bye card, and we were asked to sign it.

It had been so long I have handwritten something, and I was surprised or shocked to see my handwriting gone so bad, I could not keep my hand straight and write something! I think I should do something about it.

Oh yes, I think I jinxed it the other day, there is a new project going on, and I got lots of work now.

These visa preparations for our parents is taking forever, there are lot of documents to gather.

My sweet old grandmom expired 2 days back, she was quite old and bedridden since some months. But I was just remembering the old times we spent with her, she was very active for her age, would even wash her own clothes. She was super proud of my Dad as he was one of the first to leave the village and study and work outside. I feel sad for him, but as they say, life goes on.

Gee !!

Hey my blog readers, I’m here, look at me.😛

My company has decided to outsource the work and it means we are soon going to be jobless. But I feel better being a contractor, I can just jump onto a new project. So these days, it is just giving KTs and helping the new people and not much work for us. I’m liking it actually, all I do is come to office late, check emails, go on breaks, come back, read blogs, leave early.😉

Ims tells me how do you end up getting into such projects with less work and stress, while he has much work, but I also earn less though. But overall we are happy building savings.

And I have double good news to share. First is we are expecting, it is just 14 weeks now. And even my elder sis is expecting her second baby around the same time!

Both of our family members sound exciting to visit US on this pretext😛 so next on our list is the visa preparations for them. Then we also plan to move to a new apartment and also plan a babymoon if possible. Phew!

Sometimes I get scared thinking of all the expenses that will show up suddenly, but I tell myself we will try our best not to overspend. And Ims is cooking mostly since a month, he is so cute.😀

Hope to be more regular here, see you soon.

updates updates

So much has happened during my absence here.

Firstly we could not stay apart and I resigned to come back to the bay area.

Then I got pregnant but miscarried soon, I need to write a separate post on it.

I landed a new project and that too in San Francisco. I was elated.

I’m learning so much and loving the team and the work.

Days just pass by traveling more than 2 hours to work and coming home tired and eating and sleeping.

But the best part is we are together.

I need to

Sorry for missing in action for so long.

Ims’ grandfather expired today and I had too many thoughts in my mind that I had to come here.

He had a brain stroke and battled in the ICU for more than a month before giving up.

Ims used to stay with him and is very close to him, even grandpa has a soft corner for him. He is upset he is the only grandchild missing there today.

But we feel the good part is he traveled to India to see him last month. When they met in the ICU, granpa stared at him and held his hand and cried.

The little memories I have of him are very pleasant. I’m reminded of the time he came to stay with us in Chennai, the only mention I have of him here.

He has five daughters whom he educated well, he believes education is most important.

All I can think of him is his laugh, he was a foodie, he had the taste for good food. There is an old chair at his home which is solely his, I think it will remind us of him. I remember we had trouble communicating initially as we could not understand each other’s language well, but I know he liked me.

I felt good to hear all our relatives traveling from different parts of India for his funeral.

May his soul rest in peace!

My experience with

I have been online shopping in India since 5 years and today I would like to share my experience with the new online shopping website on the block, that is the Lifestyle and Fashion website

I came across this site in 2012 when me and my sister were looking for the Peach Crush Velvet Matte Lipstick and Jabong offered the best price and shipping option. It costed just Rs.225 and we were very satisfied with the product and delivery.

My next experience with Jabong came last year when I was looking to buy a golden yellow embroidered silk saree for my Mom, I searched across most of the internet shopping websites, but could not find the perfect saree I had in my mind. Then I chanced upon again and I was excited to find many options, I happily browsed, compared and zeroed on one, and couriered it to my Moms address in India. She had planned to wear it for a haldi ceremony of my cousin, they were travelling to Bhubaneswar and we had our fingers crossed. She was on cloud nine when it arrived in 3 business days giving her ample time to get it stitched. Below is the picture, I was happy as it aptly fit my criteria and Mom was content with the quality and price. It costed Rs.3354 but I paid just Rs.2348 with the very helpful Jabong coupon codes.


So recently when Jabong contacted me if I would be interested in doing a blog review, I did not think twice having had great experiences earlier.

Most of my online shopping have been for my sister, she is crazy for makeup and fashion. Her recent wish was to buy a colored aviator sunglasses. I gave her the option to shop from, so I could review. We had earlier shopped for similar product online and they were different from the online description, and that was our worry. While ordering it online, there was a glitch at the bank side and the payment would not go through.

I was busy and planned to order it the next day on Saturday but could not get time and decided to do it on Sunday. When I woke up on Sunday, I found the pictures of the product on Watsapp sent by my sister. I was so surprised on what happened. Then she told me that Jabong had got in touch with her due to the payment issue and processed the order smoothly on our behalf. Not only had it reached in ONE business day, the product was well packaged and of very good quality. Ignore her silly pose.😀

specs (640x640)

specs2 (640x640)

I would definitely recommend Jabong for your everyday purchase or gift shopping online, it has a variety of products and brands catering to men, women, kids and home. Most of the products have free shipping applicable. Also check out the special features they offer like the online discount coupons, gift cards, reward points and the affiliate program. Then there is also the “No Questions Asked Return Policy!” and the all new Drop Ship facility for easy returns. Don’t miss the special gifts and offers on the special days, the latest being Mother’s day which falls on May 11. I will gladly shop from Jabong again for sending gifts to my loved ones. Happy online shopping !!

P.S. Jabong just recently also released its mobile application to ease the shopping experience, and it gives you extra 38% off, how cool is that!